New Work Content!

So excited to see some of my first pieces of content up over at Digital Insider on both their blog and Facebook page. I've included some links below (as well as some other content shared over at BOC Partners), and am looking forward to creating more to come.

What's A Hashtag | Trending Content | SnapChat Geofilter

Email Marketing | Clickbait on Facebook


The closure of Peggy Karr Glass

Peggy Karr Glass was where I had my very first internship while I was in college, and although I haven't stayed in touch with Peggy and her team as much as I may have wanted to, I was more than surprised when I heard that they're closing their doors this year.
My mom had purchased multiple pieces from Peggy Karr over the years, and after hearing about the opportunity of interning there, persuaded me to try my hand at applying. It was how then I ended up on a factory tour with my family. Although I was feeling sick and nearly fainted in the kiln room (as unbeknowst to us at the time, I was in the early stages of appendicitis), I made my way through the tour, introduced myself to Peggy, and secured myself a summer internship.

The next couple of months, Peggy and her team graciously taught me every step of their process, and I walked away with more experience and having had a lot of fun. If you haven't visited their shop (either in Randolph or online), I would highly recommend being a part of their final sale and walking away with a beautiful piece of functual artwork.

The outlet store will be open one final time this weekend, on August 20th, from 10am - 4pm at their Randolph location (100 Washington St, Randolph New Jersey 07869).


A happy proposal...

I was so unbelievably honored to have been a part of this moment between my friends Kristen & James this past week. I've known Kristen for just over six years now, and she and James are complete relationship goals - I was so excited when James asked me to capture their proposal at Lake Parsippany.

I think the photos below capture both of their personalities perfectly, and I'm so looking forward to the wedding. Congratulations to the adorable couple :)


"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

It feels kind of corny titling a blog post with a quote (the one above is credited to Fred deVito), especially a quote that is probably on one of those "inspirational" posters hanging in your high school guidance counselor's office, but this where I stand at the moment.

After making some changes that I knew were necessary, I find myself in a quandry. When do you get to say that after all of the changes you've made to better yourself, you might have actually made the wrong decision? And I'm not saying I made a mistake - it was a change that needed to be made, after all, and I don't regret making it - but I think I made the wrong choice (and no matter what anyone tells you, there is a difference between making a mistake and making the wrong choice).

"I've never really considered myself to be a quitter."

And speaking of quotes, that's another that I've heard lately. And although those words didn't come out of my mouth, I find I've been turning them over and over (and over) in my own head. When is enough actually enough?

I know what I'm good at. I also know that in the last year especially, I've been questioning what I'm meant to do. Do I need more experience? Do I need to go back into art full time? Do I need to find a job that I love, where I'm able to do both? Do I go back to school?

I've said before that this year is about change for me. So I'm taking it as a positive that I've made changes, and still thinking about making more. I don't know what's going to happen next - but I've always been up to the challenge of figuring it out.


the times they are a'changin'...

Tomorrow is a new day... so please excuse the corniness.

For the first time in four years, I'll be heading to a new job tomorrow. It is such a strange thing to think about, much less say. There is so much opportunity in the world, and it's nice to feel like I'm grabbing hold of it again. I'm also apparently grabbing a hold of the new-job jitters. It's been four years since I've started a new job, so my brain is freaking itself out trying to remember how to do new things. Mix that in with the excitement that I'm finally on the right path to not only where I should be, but where I want to be, and I'm just a big old pile of feelings today. Is this what being an adult feels like?

...because Success Kid is everything today.Onwards and upwards to other things! I just recently updated my Design gallery with some of my newer design work from Dean Michaels Studio, and there will be more added throughout the day. Why stress out about exciting things when you can create/edit art? So when you check back later, there will be some new things added to my Photo gallery by the end of the day, too.

Other exciting things coming up? I'm going to be a proper Alum this year, and be visiting Alfred University's annual BFA Senior Shows. If you've never been, and will be anywhere near the Alleghany County the weekend of May 7th, I would say definitely go and check it out. Not only is there some absolutely amazing work, but it's always nice to spend a day in Alfred. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!