"the drift can be corrected"

A leap year, by a very loose definition, is mankind's way of balancing out imperfections in the space time continuum. The Wikipedia article I read today, on this day that exists and yet doesn't exist, uses a term I quite like: "the drift can be corrected". 

I've always just thought of February 29th in broader terms. In middle school, I was so proud of posting on my Xanga the day of, if only so I could claim I had. I thought it was funny to learn a good family friend had proposed to his wife on 2/29 because, as he later told my father, it was a date he would always remember.

This morning started the same for me. To be quite honest, I completely forgot about it until I turned on the news. That's when I checked Wikipedia, because it's my day off and surfing Wikipedia on your day off is second nature to anyone who grew up in the age of the Internet. And there it was, in black and white. Wikipedia comes through again.

"the drift can be corrected"

Things are a-changing. Decisions are being made. And four years from now, I'm not going to be where I am now, just as where I am now is different from where I was four years ago. This drift is being corrected, and I couldn't be happier.



For those who don't know, my father's long battle with cancer ended just a few months ago. Losing my dad has brought about a lot of change in my life in such a short amount of time. Although any type of change is scary, I can't help but think these last few weeks have been his way of kicking my ass into gear, so to speak.

I have gotten comfortable being where I am, rather than searching out for where I need to be, what I need to be doing, accomplishing. Although I'm not unhappy, I have been given a very unique opportunity. Not to sound cliche, but it seems death really does seem to put things in perspective. Change is good, and has been coming for me for a while, even if everything is just now coming into focus.

First things first! I'm in the process of overhauling a whole bunch of galleries on the website. Although my art has been overshadowed by life (especially in the last year), I have been working on things progressively, albeit in the background. As such, things are starting to come back into the forefront. I've got a backlog of new film just sitting in my room, waiting to be digitized and shared with the world, and I've also got a new print/design series that's been cogitating for the last few months, too. Both of these projects should be appearing in the next three months or so, and yes, I'm giving people permission to yell at me if they don't appear.

While I usually loathe the practice of giving myself a new years resolution (seeing as I may sometimes be known for falling into a thought just as quickly as I fall out of it, haha), I can't help but see the beginning of this year as a gift.

So here's to 2016, and to change, and to opportunity. And always, to Joe.


The start of the Dean Michaels Studio Best of Weddings 2015 Facebook Contest!

It's that time of year again. I always love this contest, as it gives me a chance to reach out to all of our clients throughout the year. Please be sure to check out the start of the newest Dean Michaels Studio Best of Weddings Facebook contest, and keep checking back every month to see our newest weddings :)

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the past year's competitions here and here and here :)


Photos up on Parsippany Physical Therapy!

I was so happy at the end of last year to shoot some photographs for my friends over at Parsippany Physical Therapy. With their new website just going live, be sure to click on over to their gallery to check them out!

(And if you're looking for a physical therapist, you can't go wrong with Nick and the gang! Be sure to give them a call and tell them Rachel sent you!)


WPPI 2015 

Although I've been to many bridal shows in my position at Dean Michaels Studio, I can definitely say my eyes have been opened after being able to visit this year's Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference and Expo at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. As someone with a photography background, knowledge of the wedding industry and the social media practices of said industry, I was amazed at the ingenuity and marketing approaches at an event this large.

The main difference I found was in the style of shooting in regards to east coast, central U.S., and west coast wedding photography. Here on the east coast (New Jersey/New York, in particular), a lot of our brides are looking for a photojournalistic approach, with the album designs leaning towards complicated, overlapping designs with streamlined covers. In contrast, many of the vendors appearing at WPPI were west coast based, with simplified designs featuring images that were a mix of rustic/d.i.y. style wedding photography.

The one thing I absolutely loved was the booth design for all of the different vendors. It was a very busy space, and although there was definitely a difference between the companies who shelled out the big bucks for a larger booth space or even multiple spaces, I found myself drawn to several independent providers whose booth designs drew my eye (for the record, I was also turned off by some of those aforementioned heavy-hitters due to their lack of booth design). This meant that even if I ended up not liking the product, I visited the space, which for me at least meant their visual marketing was successful.

The highlight of the trip? Being in Las Vegas, of course. For my first trip to the west coast, definitely a great place to visit - be sure to check my travel blog (posts 1 | 2 | 3) for a more detailed look!