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"You don't go to Notre Dame to learn something; you go to Notre Dame to be somebody."

It's taken me a little bit to get my thoughts together regarding the fire at Notre Dame. My trip to Paris in 2012 was my first real trip out of the country; I was a junior in college, going into my senior year, with a love of art history. Notre Dame is a place that is easily on everyone's list when they're visiting the city, and I was no exception. I always hold a little bit of cynicism when it comes to locations or pieces of art that are that famous - there's always a worry they won't live up to the hype. I can honestly say that Notre Dame was everything you could have imagined it to be, and even some things that you probably weren't expecting. Not being a religious person, I've always found places of worship interesting, and the ancient cathedral was no exception. Walking through the pews both during a Sunday service as well as during the week gave me an appreciation of the acoustics and architecture, with the cherry on top the awe-inspiring stained glass windows. Notre Dame is one of my fondest memories from my time spent in Paris, and the video of the fire gutting the spire is one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen.

The title of this post is a quote from Lou Holtz that I believe captures Notre Dame in a nutshell; not just for me, but for anyone who was lucky enough to walk through the doors. I can only hope the next time I visit Paris it's been restored back to its former glory.


Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?

Updates to the gallery coming soon (as editing these photos has become my life), but in the meantime, check out my newly updated travel blog regarding my most recent trip off the east coast to New Mexico. Although a short vacation in the grand scheme of things, I would definitely recommend it as an amazing place to visit, and can't wait to plan my next trip out there (albeit for a much longer period of time).

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A happy proposal...

I was so unbelievably honored to have been a part of this moment between my friends Kristen & James this past week. I've known Kristen for just over six years now, and she and James are complete relationship goals - I was so excited when James asked me to capture their proposal at Lake Parsippany.

I think the photos below capture both of their personalities perfectly, and I'm so looking forward to the wedding. Congratulations to the adorable couple :)


the times they are a'changin'...

Tomorrow is a new day... so please excuse the corniness.

For the first time in four years, I'll be heading to a new job tomorrow. It is such a strange thing to think about, much less say. There is so much opportunity in the world, and it's nice to feel like I'm grabbing hold of it again. I'm also apparently grabbing a hold of the new-job jitters. It's been four years since I've started a new job, so my brain is freaking itself out trying to remember how to do new things. Mix that in with the excitement that I'm finally on the right path to not only where I should be, but where I want to be, and I'm just a big old pile of feelings today. Is this what being an adult feels like?

...because Success Kid is everything today.Onwards and upwards to other things! I just recently updated my Design gallery with some of my newer design work from Dean Michaels Studio, and there will be more added throughout the day. Why stress out about exciting things when you can create/edit art? So when you check back later, there will be some new things added to my Photo gallery by the end of the day, too.

Other exciting things coming up? I'm going to be a proper Alum this year, and be visiting Alfred University's annual BFA Senior Shows. If you've never been, and will be anywhere near the Alleghany County the weekend of May 7th, I would say definitely go and check it out. Not only is there some absolutely amazing work, but it's always nice to spend a day in Alfred. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!



For those who don't know, my father's long battle with cancer ended just a few months ago. Losing my dad has brought about a lot of change in my life in such a short amount of time. Although any type of change is scary, I can't help but think these last few weeks have been his way of kicking my ass into gear, so to speak.

I have gotten comfortable being where I am, rather than searching out for where I need to be, what I need to be doing, accomplishing. Although I'm not unhappy, I have been given a very unique opportunity. Not to sound cliche, but it seems death really does seem to put things in perspective. Change is good, and has been coming for me for a while, even if everything is just now coming into focus.

First things first! I'm in the process of overhauling a whole bunch of galleries on the website. Although my art has been overshadowed by life (especially in the last year), I have been working on things progressively, albeit in the background. As such, things are starting to come back into the forefront. I've got a backlog of new film just sitting in my room, waiting to be digitized and shared with the world, and I've also got a new print/design series that's been cogitating for the last few months, too. Both of these projects should be appearing in the next three months or so, and yes, I'm giving people permission to yell at me if they don't appear.

While I usually loathe the practice of giving myself a new years resolution (seeing as I may sometimes be known for falling into a thought just as quickly as I fall out of it, haha), I can't help but see the beginning of this year as a gift.

So here's to 2016, and to change, and to opportunity. And always, to Joe.