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Justin Crowe at Clay Gulgong 2018

So proud of my old friend Justin Crowe for this awesome talk at Clay Gulgong 2018. The ceramics festival (which was held from April 15-21st of this year) had Justin traveling down under talking about his work within the world of ceramics. Definitely worth taking a listen to!


Justin Crowe Clay Gulgong 2018 from Clay Gulgong on Vimeo.



Another day, another Justin Crowe kickstarter...

I'm so excited to announce that my good friend Justin Crowe has another awesome Kickstarter running for a really fun, intelligent, and (dare I say it) sexy new project he's created. After the success of his Meme the World campaign last year (check it out here and here), I'm so excited to spread the word about... Paul.


Let's face it - this is one of the best and most interesting physical blending/merge of both art and social media that's out there currently, and that doesn't even encompass Paul's amazing ability to turn something as mundane and ordinary as a smartphone charger into an instant conversation piece. The Kickstarter runs until the 22nd of the month, so be sure you're a part of Paul's entrance into the world!


Brandi & the TAOS Clay Studio

This week is about to become full of updates, because all of my friends are doing really interesting things. Also, I'm doing some really interesting things too :D

First off, we're going to start with my friend Brandi Jessup, who is now doing wonderful things as the new owner/director of the awesome Taos Clay Studio in Taos, NM. I just know she's going to do fantastic things, and the studio itself looks like an amazing place, so I definitely suggest you check it out if you're in the area of New Mexico, or if you just love ceramics... or if you're looking for a pretty sweet residency.

Speaking of how very cool things seem to be, watch the video below (Brandi's first day was April 1st... she is definitely a brave soul)...