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I've realized lately that I've stepped away from my artistic side. It's funny when people talk about walking away from what makes you happy - in this case, I didn't realize it was happening until I needed it as an outlet again.

My way back into art started small this summer. I started archiving all of my film negatives as a project this summer, initially starting the process feeling as though it was a chore (since I had been neglecting to do so), but eventually realizing that it was giving me a lot of comfort to have access to photos that I hadn't had physical prints of. Not only has it given me a great look back into the past few years, it's inspired me to start working again.

With that said, I've got a couple of new pieces up in Tiny Little Boxes (a sample below!), and I've been diligently working on editing photos from my sister's wedding this past April. There are more changes to come, but this is a good start after a long time away.


Scout Dunbar - In The Ring

So excited that my friend Scout Dunbar has another exhibit up in her hometown of Ithaca! If you're around the Gorges land through May 5-27th, be sure to stop by The Ink Shop to check out her new show "In The Ring" (as well as another exhibit by the equally talented Skye Schirmer, "Blinded by Truisms").

The opening reception is May 5th from 5-8pm at the Ink Shop Studio Gallery, so be sure to stop by to chat with Scout and get a look at all her new work!



Another great show to keep an eye on (featuring my friend Scout Dunbar, as well as Anna Buckner, Sarah Harrison, Na Chainkua Reindorf and Theo Willis) if you're around Ithaca between February 27th and March 3rd. Hosted by the Experimental Gallery at Cornell University, it looks to be a really great show featuring many talented artists.


It's just a summertime, summertime update...

The title of this post is obviously inspired by Lana Del Ray's ubiquitious lead single off her newest album (which, although it was only released at the end of June, has become so overplayed as to make it the bane of my existance driving to work in the morning). It's been a musical sort of month for me, which has lead to some good art, as well as some interesting opportunities.

What's this? More updates to the Tiny Little Boxes series!I've got some fun new updates to the Tiny Little Boxes series, which has been a lot of fun for me. If you've been a regular follower of the R Rutledge Online tumblr, I started creating collage art for the different mixtapes I burned based off the playlist (check out the /mixtape archive for some of my earlier.. um, well, attempts haha); music still plays a huge part in my creative process, especially when it comes to this series.

I also updated my digital photography archives, and am currently sorting through my newest rolls of film for the next major update. I'm also really thrilled to announce after some time away, I've started getting back into the Book Project, with updates to that to be up before the end of the summer. Yesterday I posted about working with the Parsippany Historical and Preservation Society, which I'm really excited about. It's a great group based out of my hometown that I've always been happy to support, and I'm thrilled to be able to get them their start within the social media platform.

The last little bit? An updates to my links sections - there's some awesome new blogs up there you should check out, so definitely don't be shy :)

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer weekend... more things will be coming before you know it!



Thank god for snow - that's all I can say :D

First things first - is going to be updating the rest of this weekend with some photos and mixtapes after I resuscitated it from the unintentional coma I put it in during 2013. My bad. At least if you had been following, you got the craziness of my everyday mind ;P
Also, I finally fell through the rabbit hole and created a twitter account - check out my about me page to check out the links for not only that, but my instagram and pinterest accounts too :D

Other new things - both the Film Photography and Digital Photography galleries (both of the various year galleries, if you want specifics) have been updated to reflect work from the last year or so. The Music Series gallery, which I've had work ready to upload for ages, but just haven't had the time to (story of my life), also got a bit of a facelift. And finally, like I mentioned yesterday, I updated my links section as well.

Now that all of the basics are done, we're onto the big updates!!!

 Tiny Little Boxes | March 20, 2012, 3:09pm

If you've been following my updates around here at all, I've been talking about a print project I've been working on for just about forever (like here and here and most recently, here). Tiny Little Boxes is what comes from my original love of making art for my mixtapes, and combining it with the time based thought process behind The Book Project and The Calendar Project. I've seriously fallen in love with making these little snap shots of life, and I'm in the process of trying to figure out a way to display them in a way that makes the most sense. For right now, my first print trial has worked out pretty well and I've been giving away the first couple prints to friends and family. We'll see where it goes from there.

The other major update is my newest gallery, which will be displaying all of my blogging, marketing and promotional work that I've written or helped create. For me, everything comes back to a visual representation, and although the gallery is currently small (as in, only one thing so far), the twists and turns of my current employment ensure that, especially in 2014, it'll become a lot more interesting in the new year.

So, that's about it. I'm actually going to try and update this more than once or twice a year, and seeing as I'm currently three posts in to 2014, it's going well so far. Enjoy the winter storm, everyone!