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Letters To Alfred

Super excited to share this from two Alfred alums, and even more excited to be a part of it.

From Michael's instagram:

We will send each participant a piece of biodegradabe handmade paper embedded with seeds of wild plants that are native or naturalized to the Southern Tier region. You can write your letter to Alfred on this paer and retur it to us using the included pre-addressed stamped envelope. Your letter will be included in an exhibition at the Cohen Gallery in August 2019, reporduced in a book, and ultimately returned to the landscape to fully deliver the message and allow the seeds to grow and flourish. "Letters to Alfred" is open to anyone who used t live in the town of Alfred, NY for any amount of time and no longer lives there. You can choose to have your name associated with your letter or remain anonymous. This project is a component of "Won't You Be My Neighbor", an ongoing collaboration between Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr., Cassandra Bull, Caitlin Brown curator of the Cohen Gallery, Emma Percy, and the community of Alfred...

Definitely excited to be a part of this, and I'm hoping I can get up to see the show when it opens in August.


the times they are a'changin'...

Tomorrow is a new day... so please excuse the corniness.

For the first time in four years, I'll be heading to a new job tomorrow. It is such a strange thing to think about, much less say. There is so much opportunity in the world, and it's nice to feel like I'm grabbing hold of it again. I'm also apparently grabbing a hold of the new-job jitters. It's been four years since I've started a new job, so my brain is freaking itself out trying to remember how to do new things. Mix that in with the excitement that I'm finally on the right path to not only where I should be, but where I want to be, and I'm just a big old pile of feelings today. Is this what being an adult feels like?

...because Success Kid is everything today.Onwards and upwards to other things! I just recently updated my Design gallery with some of my newer design work from Dean Michaels Studio, and there will be more added throughout the day. Why stress out about exciting things when you can create/edit art? So when you check back later, there will be some new things added to my Photo gallery by the end of the day, too.

Other exciting things coming up? I'm going to be a proper Alum this year, and be visiting Alfred University's annual BFA Senior Shows. If you've never been, and will be anywhere near the Alleghany County the weekend of May 7th, I would say definitely go and check it out. Not only is there some absolutely amazing work, but it's always nice to spend a day in Alfred. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


Helping Helene at Home

I went to Alfred University with Helene, and though I didn't know her well, her story is just too memorable not to share. Please keep reading and donate to such a wonderful and worthy cause!

"Helene Lumia went into the emergency room on June 22, 2013 and received the news that all families pray not to hear. She was told she had a cyst on her spinal cord where it connects to her brain stem. She would need to have emergency surgery to remove it.

Helene fought hard through many surgeries and procedures; however, her spinal cord was severely damaged. She was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia for intensive physical therapy, hopeful that she would be able to recover. Unfortunately, the damage done by the cyst was irreversible and Helene is now living her life as a quadriplegic.

Helene is a loving daughter, sister and friend. She has an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile that has touched so many people’s lives. Her unyielding strength and spirit is an inspiration to all her family and friends.

Helene’s family is working hard to do everything they can to return her home from Atlanta so that she can live comfortably in the familiarity of her family’s home. The cost for Helene to travel is enormous, as is the cost to remodel her home so that her family can provide her with all the necessary care she will need.

They need your help!!

Family, friends and loved ones will be holding a benefit, as the family is encountering mounting medical and household bills. We are asking for you to help us make this benefit a success. A Chinese Auction, 50/50 raffles, door prizes and more will be featured at the benefit.

You can help support this WNY family's benefit in several ways: by donating gift certificates, gift cards, gift baskets, single items or a tax deductible* donation in any amount. All donations - big or small - are greatly appreciated, as we would be truly honored for your support

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated by the Lumia Family."

To donate, please click here, and please spread the word!


The Katie Barlow Dance Project

Now, I've known Miss Katie Barlow since my freshman year in college, and I can honestly say I know no one who is better equipped for planning flash mobs/energetic and optimistic group dance pieces than her.

This is why I was absolutely thrilled to hear not only about her most recent piece, Binghamton Is Not Boring (which I so wish I could have seen live), but the launch of her website. I wish her all the best, and I truly hope to see one of her dances again soon (be sure to look up her very first piece, a flash mob on campus at Alfred University - you totally won't be disappointed!) - check out some of her videos, and keep checking her website for more information :D


Letter to the World III - Kickstarter

Another month, another awesome Kickstarter campaign for some amazingly talented friends of mine.

Letter to the World III is an awesome site-specific piece created by D. Chase Angier, Marketa Fantova (both of whom I've had the pleasure of being taught by while I was a student at Alfred University), and Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge that includes performances by another good friend of mine, Kim Rau. They've got nine days left in the campaign to raise the $2500 they need to perform at the annual World Stage Design, which is being held this year in Wales. Be sure to check it out and help them get to where they need to be :D